Thursday, 1 November 2018


*01. SHANI SHIGNAPUR, Maharashtra.*
In the entire Village all Houses are without Doors. Even No Police Station. No Thefts.

*02. SHETPHAL, Maharashtra.*
Villagers have SNAKES in every family as their members.

*03. HIWARE BAZAR, Maharashtra.*
Richest Village in India. 60 Millionaires. No one is poor and highest GDP.

*04. PUNSARI, Gujrat.*
Most modern Village. All Houses with CCTV & WI-FI. All street lights are Solar Powered.

*05. JAMBUR, Gujarat.*
All villagers look like Africans but are Indians. Nicknamed as African Village.

*06. KULDHARA, Rajasthan.*
Haunted village. No one lives there. All Houses are abandoned.

*07. KODINHI, Kerela.*
Village of TWINS. More than 400 Twins.

*08. MATTUR, Karnataka.*
Village with 100% SANSKRIT speaking people in their normal day to day conversation.

*09. BARWAAN KALA, Bihar.*
Village of Bachelors. No marriage since last 50 years.

*10. MAWLYNNONG, Meghalaya.*
Cleanest village of Asia. Also with an amazing Balancing huge Rock on a tiny rock.

*11. RONGDOI, Assam.*
As per Villagers beliefs, Frogs are married to get RAINS.

*12 .Korlai  village,  Raigad, Maharashtra.*
The only  village  speaking  Portuguese language .

Many of us dont know these unique things of these places keep sharing.

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